School Clubs 


Students participating in this service club prepare and deliver daily announcements.  



This group collaborates to develop campus drives that support community needs.



This team of students is trained in peer mediation and supports students in identifying and solving problems.



You will find these friends in the library supporting the daily operation of the library at certain times during the week.  Last year, this group helped design a remodel of the library space.


*All service club members are considered part of the student leadership team and represent the student body and culture of the school for outside audiences.  One example of this is their development of student-led tours and panel discussions about Carlson.


Friday Clubs / Enrichment Clusters

Throughout the day on Fridays, students leave their classrooms to participate in elective workshops devoted to a variety of enrichment and academic subjects.  These clubs are a student favorite and a unique opportunity to learn something new they might not otherwise have the chance to.


These workshops, sponsored by parents, community members, and staff run for 6-8 weeks and have covered a variety of topics including pinata making, wood working, sports from around the world, artist study, cooking, exploring world cultures and cuisines, game clubs, Lego club, etc. 


Friday Clubs are for grades K - 2 and run from 8:15 - 9:00am.

Enrichment Clusters are for grades 3 - 5 and run from 1:45 - 2:45pm.

*There is an Enrichment Cluster Showcase for grades 3-5 at the end of their session.  Children set up stations to teach each other about what they've learned in their cluster.