Helpful Hints for Room Parents

  • Help complete the class contact list for your class and ask parents to fill any open volunteer/committee positions in your classroom such as Homecoming Coordinator or Terrific Thursdays.  Reach out to our VP of Parent Involvement, Amber Murphy, at to find out what is still needed for your class if you cannot see it on the class sign up.
  • In the future, you will also need to coordinate with the auction committee ( to make sure your class Auction items are being taken care of such as Auction Basket Coordinator and Auction Class Project Coordinator.
  • Always copy yourself and the room parent coordinator (Kristen Riggsby) on the emails you send to families, and keep the record in your email files to you can go back and answer questions.  I create a folder in my email for each of my children, this way I can reference the communication for each class.
  • Always copy your teacher on your emails (unless it is in regards to a gift for the teacher).
  • Check in with your teachers on their needs regularly (see list below).  You can help by creating a sign up for people in your community to volunteer.  This will be helpful to provide more opportunities for all families to get their 20 volunteer hours completed.
  • Make sure you include the link to the teacher's Amazon wish lists and PTA website on each email you send out.  If your teacher does not have their Amazon wish list created, please ask them to create one and share the link with you.  Please then send the link with Amy Groat ( so it can be shared on the PTA website as well.
  • Send your teacher a Questionnaire for them to fill out.  This is so helpful when it comes to gifts or small ways to show our teachers our appreciation.
  • Don't forget about the specials teachers when it comes time to coordinate appreciation or holiday gifts.

Ask your teacher regularly if...

  • They have updated their Amazon wish list.
  • When the class parties are coming up and how you can help coordinate volunteers for donations and to help with the parties.
  • Friday Clubs - do we have enough volunteers?
  • Do they want to have mystery readers in their classrooms this year?  Help coordinate a sign up for this if needed.
  • Just check in regularly with your teacher o any needs they may have.