Family Banners

The Family Banner project first began in 1997. This was created as a way to help involve families in their child's applied learning experience. It also shows the different cultures and interests that make up ACALC families. Each family creates one banner that will hang in the halls until their youngest child has graduated! Some of you may have already made a banner with an older child, but if you did not, this is a great time to do one! 


Families should work together to research and make a plan for your banner. You can make your banner using whatever materials/supplies you would like. Places like Joann's, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Target and Walmart are great resources for finding decorations.


Every year at our Intercultural Festival new families are invited to join the Family Banner Parade and walk the halls together with their banner. After the parade, banners will be left at the school to be hung along the hallways.



Banner Design:

·Anything goes!


·Use articles and symbols that represent the cultures and interests that make up your family: a country’s flag, national emblem, a national past-time, map or shape, native language, sports, hobbies, etc


·Use any types of materials you want: sequins, buttons, felt, fabric paint, ribbon…be creative! If you are adding pictures, print them on regular printer paper. We have to fire proof banners and glossy paper looks foggy and flaky after being sprayed.


·Materials can be attached to the banner by any means: sewn, hot glue, etc


·Use any fabric as a background material but all banners must the the size of a standard size pillow case (19x29) and made horizontally 


·Your family’s last name must be displayed on the front of the banner


·Your family's full name, email address and year the banner is made must be on the back, top right corner of the banner (you can just write this in pen/marker) so we can be sure to get it back to you once your kids graduate.


·Be aware when designing that they will be hung by the two top corners and only one side will be visible.