Student Assessment

Alice Carlson uses a variety of approaches to assess student progress.

Formal Testing

These tests include; Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA), MAP Growth Math and Reading (K-5), MAP Reading Fluency (K-3) and STAAR (3-5).  Students in grades 3-5 take the STAAR math and reading test; fifth grade students also take the STAAR science test.

Standards Based Report (SBR)

SBR illustrates student understanding and mastering a learning goal.  A standards-based report card lists the most important skills students should learn in each subject at a particular grade level.  It's all about student understanding and mastering a learning goal.  Students receive a score of 1-4 on their SBR at the end of each 9-week session.

  • 1 - Performance is below end of year standard expectation.
  • 2 - Performance shows minimal progress toward end of year standard expectations.
  • 3 - Performance is progressing toward standard expectations.
  • 4 - Performance meets standard expectations.
  • * - Indicates objective was not assessed during this 9 week period.

Narrative Reports

These teacher-written reports detail the competencies and skills a child exhibits and are based on teacher's documented observations and their analysis of students' portfolios.


Three conferences are scheduled for each school year: at the end of the first nine-weeks, a goal setting conference attended by the teacher and parent; at the end of the second reporting period, a review-of-progress conference attended by the parent, child and teacher.  At the end of the fourth reporting period, a portfolio presentation conference.


Portfolios are purposeful collections of student work which are designed to provide evidence of student growth and achievement as a learner, reflections on a child's assessment of his or her learning process and insight into a child's thinking processes.