Coyote Buddy Program


Starting a new school can be hard, especially in the upper grades where most kids and their families have known each other since Kindergarten.


To help facilitate a smooth transition for our new friend entering Grades 1-5, Alice Carlson has the Coyote Buddy Program!


How Does it Work?

  • Current families with children entering 1st-5th grade can sign up as a "Host" Family.
  • Host Families will be paired up with a New Family that have children entering the same grade.
  • Host Families will act as a friendly resource on all things Alice Carlson, PTA, etc.
  • Host Families will be expected to set up on get together with their Buddy Family, after that the rest is up to them!
  • New Families will be invited for a tour at the end of each school year. The parents will join our school counselor Emily for a Q&A while the Coyote Buddy will give the new child a tour of the school.

Host Family Sign Up