Park for the Arts

TCU Football Season Parking


Our proximity to TCU makes the school’s parking lot and large, open sports field a real asset on game days. Parent volunteers help with parking cars during TCU games. Money from Park for the Arts, as well as the spring Auction, allow the PTA to send our teachers to specialized training sessions throughout the United States every summer; fund additional art programs, restock learning supplies and make upgrades to the playgrounds and school.







Purchase a Pass

Pick the type of spot you are renewing or purchasing.  Our reserved paved lot and out Tailgate spots are sold on a first come-first served basis and you MUST have held one of these spots in 2022 to in order to purchase.


If you did not have a paved spot in 2022, you can get added to our waitlist by emailing us at


season parking pass - tailgate


season parking pass - reserved paved lot



season parking pass - grass lot