Volunteering is a cornerstone of Alice Carlson and a driving force behind the Carlson Community that makes our school a truly special place.  We want our families involved in our school and our children's elementary experience.


What is expected of us as a family?

At Alice Carlson, part of our commitment as a family is to donate 20 hours of volunteer service each year.  Just as we expect our children to be involved, we expect our families to be part of the school community.


Why should I volunteer?

Our children spend a lot of time at school and being a volunteer gives you the opportunity to share in that time.  It allows you to see your children in a different environment and connect with them over that shared experience.  Studies have shown that children whose parents are involved at their school perform better on tests, make better grades, and exhibit better behavior.  Being present and involved not only supports our children, but also allows parents to build relationships with their teachers and show your support for the incredible work they do each day.


What counts towards my 20 volunteer hours?

The school and PTA offer numerous ways for you to earn volunteer hours, both during the school and at home.  Examples of opportunities that count towards your volunteer hours can be found HERE.  

Fort worth isd background check

Fort Worth ISD requires all volunteers to complete a volunteer application and background check.  A new application and background check must be completed every school year; your approved volunteer status does not carry over from the previous year.


Click here for the FWISD Volunteer Application


 When volunteering at the school, you must always check in and out at the front office.  These volunteer

     hours will be recorded automatically in your Raptor Volunteer Portal.

 Volunteer hours completed outside of school hours must be logged manually on our PTA website.

     Click here to log volunteer hours

 20 volunteer hours is PER FAMILY, so share the responsibility with all adults in your home.

 PTA monitors volunteer hours per family so we can properly thank you for donating your time.  If you

     don't log your hours, then we have no way of knowing that you've volunteered. 

     Pro Tip: Make it a habit to log any hours completed outside of school the same day you complete them.