What comes after Carlson? That is a question many of our families have when it's time to start thinking about middle school. Since we are not a neighborhood school, there's not a clear answer to what comes next, but there are a lot of options out there to consider. We hope this page offers some helpful resources as you start exploring your post-Carlson academic path.



school tours

It's extremely important to tour the different schools you are considering, and maybe some you aren't. Nothing will give you a better feel for how a school operates and feels to your family than entering the building and seeing for yourself. Many schools will offer Open Houses in the evenings, but you can also call and schedule a tour during the school day. Below are examples of questions to ask during your school tour.


Questions to Ask on Middle School Tours [pdf] 


How to prepare kids for middle school

The most important thing a parent can do is to simply communicate with your child about their concerns or questions. Transitioning from elementary school to middle school is a BIG step, and while it's definitely scary for parents, it is equally as scary for our kids. Below are a list of questions our 2023-2024 5th graders had about middle school. Use this document to spark conversation with your child, or to simply get an idea of what their concerns may be.


Middle School Questions from 5th Graders [pdf]

special programs athletic participation guidelines

Some Schools/Programs of Choice in the District do not offer sports, but don't let that turn you away if your child is interested in playing sports in middle school. Children attending a campus without sports can still participate in sports at their home campus. Please see below for District guidelines on how to navigate this process.

POC/SOC Athletic Participation Guidelines [pdf]

middle school resources by campus

Applied Learning Academy (ALA)

ALA 6th Grade Course Selection Document [pdf]

ALA 6th Grader Course Request Information Presentation 

Benbrook Middle-High School Benbrook Middle-High FWISD Website
Daggett Montessori Daggett Montessori FWISD Website
McLean 6th Grade Center

McLean 6th Grade FWISD Website 

McLean 6th 2024-2025 Course Selection Form

Monnig Middle School

Monnig FWISD Website 

Monnig Middle School Course Request

Stripling Middle School Stripling FWISD Website 
World Languages Institute

World Languages Institute Website


Young Men's Leadership Academy (YMLA) YMLA FWISD Website 
Young Women's Leadership Academy (YWLA)  YWLA FWISD Website

fwisd helpful links

FWISD - 5th Grade Planning Guide

FWISD - Middle School Course Catalog

FWISD - Gold Seal Programs & Schools of Choice

FWISD - Secondary Open Transfer Request

Find Your Home School

FWISD - Athletic Participation Forms